Ergonomic chairs is a perfect word for comfort chairs with back support, its adjustable nature makes it the best suited for each body type and posture.


It completely aims at giving you the right posture, weight and lumber support. Ergonomic chairs are ideal solutions if your work profile is very sedentary. If you are seated in one position for more than 2 hours, it means you should opt for ergonomic seating solutions or be prepared for sore backs and necks in the future. Ergonomic literally stands for designing comfort and efficiency in the working environment. Which means in today’s industrial revolution where computers & machines have reduced our physical labour, our work has begun more of creating and analysing, which means most of the time sitting in front of the screens. Just like we feed ourselves healthy to stay fit, we should also provide our body with functional and efficient seating solutions.

One of the adjustments of ergonomic chairs is seat height, which means its seat height can be lengthened or shortened based on the body dimensions of the user. This to achieve a correct posture so that one rests their legs comfortably on the floor. Adjustable comfortable arm rest feature is to basically make sure your arms are rested and balanced depending on the activity you are doing. For example for reading your arms can be rested in 90 degrees, if you are writing your arms would require an inclination for it to rest more on the table. Backrest height and angle adjustment are the most important features to call a chair ergonomic.

Onecan move it in different directions to instil the best optimum support for your back. This feature will help you be less strained and more relaxed. The modifiable angle is advised to change your back angles as many times as possible during the day or leave the back angle unlocked to automatically change the angles every time you move. This characteristic prevents you from sitting with the same posture for a long time which results in pressure on your spine. The lumber support on the back takes care of these adjustments.

It’s important to have quality casters like Nylon twin castes as your body technically rests completely on them while you sit down or stand up from the chair. Another essential feature is a tension on the lumber support which provides the right pressure to roll back and rest.

A headrest is not a default requirement in an ergonomic chair, but if it is available then it needs to be

adjustable. The importance of having an adaptable headrest is to prevent you from gaining a stiff neck

while working. Headrest also comes into play when you reline making every chair with a headrest and sleek recliner chairs. Some Ergonomic chairs also do have any position locking system so you can stay put at an angle.

Ergonomic chairs, apart from providing comfort, also provides a lot of health benefits. Ergonomic chairs are wrapped in Mesh, which is a breathable fabric and it doesn’t tend to accumulate sweat. These mesh fabrics come in a variety of vibrant colors. Like standard chairs, ergonomics also come in low, mid and high back chairs. As every recognized interior designer would comply and rely completely on these for office spaces, conference rooms, staff cubicles and boss cabins, home offices or even a study space in your bedroom.

Ergonomics are the future of seating solutions and the right choice for our way of living.