004 A Elegant White Floral Area Rug

004 A Elegant White Floral Area Rug

Carpet plays an important role in your home decor. They can be elegant traditional and stylish or functional and practical, sometimes they can be a combination of attributes. Choosing the right carpet to add to your home is a personal choice and one that should be undertaken with great care. Certain types of carpets, all-natural mostly can give a home a sense of prestige and wealth. Centre spread rugs are perfect under coffee tables, living room areas, and commercial spaces or simply in your own bedroom adding warmth and a zinc to your interiors.

Dimension .

Catalog Elegant

Color White

Design Floral

Product Description
Features :

100% Wool with cotton back

Available in Sizes Below

60 cms X 180 cms
120 cms X 180 cms
140 cms X 200 cms
170 cms X 240 cms

We can also customize carpets as per your size and also as per your design.