85205 Decorative Film

85205 Decorative Film

Solarbright PVC Decorative Films are being manufactured since the past 28 Years and are one of the leading brands for decorative vinyl and PVC window films. This year they have launched an impressive excessive series of decorative designer frosted and printed films from checks to stripes, from frost to etchings, from decorative translucent prints to colorful printed films, from squares to circle and leafs to flowers. Solorbright trying to cover every design possible in the new series launched now exclusively available at Mordani Interiors in India These frosted decorative films are widely used for glass partitions and windows often seen in residential and commercial spaces being used in hotels hospitality industries institute’s hospital corporate offices and all major applicable environments.

Dimension .

Category Window Films

Features of Solar Bright Films

Shatterproof / Safety Function

Safety secured by preventing damages to glass and preventing secondary accidents from glass fragments.

Pressure Sensitive adhesive for advanced safety film is used.

Protection of Privacy.

Protected individual privacy by intercepting visibility from outside and makes the direct light soft to come in and creates comforting and pleasant environment.

Interior Design Effect

Perfect fit for interior spaces offering various designs to suit various environment and aesthetics.

Outstanding Dimensional Stability

Product desorption of shrinking or lapsing is prevented to prevent contamination from adhesive after installation. Robust and durable in nature.