Dark Brown Hego Rush Wall to Wall Carpet

Dark Brown Hego Rush Wall to Wall Carpet

The Hego Rush Wall to Wall Soft Carpet is a premium flooring option designed with a focus on quality and durability. This carpet offers the following distinctive characteristics: Fiber: Crafted from top-tier materials for long-lasting performance. Construction: Utilizing a Level Loop construction, this carpet ensures a smooth and uniform surface, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. Dye Method: The carpet employs the Solution Dyed dyeing method, guaranteeing deep and fade-resistant color saturation, thus preserving its vibrant appearance over time. Pile Height: With a pile height of 4-5 mm, this carpet strikes a harmonious balance between comfort and ease of upkeep. Pile Weight: Boasting a robust pile weight of 480 GSM (Grams per Square Meter), this carpet is well-suited for high-traffic areas, offering both durability and plushness. Primary Backing: Its primary backing is expertly woven from polypropylene, providing a sturdy foundation for the carpet.

Dimension .

Brand Hego

Color Dark Brown

Design Textured

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