Peach Hego Nice Wall to Wall Carpet

Peach Hego Nice Wall to Wall Carpet

"Nice Wall to Wall Super Soft Carpet," a luxurious and elegant flooring solution that adds both comfort and style to your living space. Carefully crafted with a range of exceptional features, this carpet is designed to transform your home into a cozy and sophisticated environment. Made from PP Frieze, the carpet combines softness with durability, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting underfoot experience. Its Machine Tufted construction results in a seamless and visually appealing surface, elevating the overall ambiance of your interior. The Solution Dyed dyeing method deeply embeds colors into the fibers, preserving the carpet's vibrant appearance over time. With a generous pile height of 12 mm, this carpet offers a plush and inviting texture that not only enhances comfort but also exudes a sense of luxury. Weighing 1000 grams per square meter (+/-5%), the carpet showcases its durability and resilience, making it an excellent choice for areas with high foot traffic. Its total weight of 1200 grams per square meter (+/-5%) further underscores the carpet's quality and substance.

Dimension .

Brand Hego

Color Peach

Design Textured

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